Our Process


  • We have an extensive database and use our own nelsonjobs job board and other job boards to advertise open positions. We’re extremely active in local professional organizations and reach out to the community often via career training and job fairs. Our charitable work also keeps us plugged into local groups. In fact, we were just given an Excellence in Business award by the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce for demonstrating “leadership qualities of vision, service and effective collaboration.”
  • Our broad network, plus the large personal networks brought to the table by each Nelson employee ensures a steady flow of referrals, one of the best ways to assure a compatible fit between candidate and company culture.


  • Skills Assessment: We utilize NelsonTest, an online skills testing system, to evaluate all candidates. The NelsonTest system offers testing for software programs, including the entire Microsoft Office Suite, and for specific industries.
  • Patterned/Expert Interviews: Through customizing our interview questions and instituting client-specific assessments, we are able to move the candidates submitted to hire from 45% to 56% for most clients, saving money on the costs associated with the hiring process.
  • Reference Checking: We partner with a company called Checkster, which delivers meaningful feedback on candidates from past managers rather than relying on references from friends and peers.
  • Additional Screening (beyond the basics): If you require drug testing, professional credentials verification, or additional background screening, we provide that too. We partner with eVerify.
  • I-9 verification: Our level of scrutiny ensures legal compliance.


  • Before going out on assignment, each temporary employee is given a complete orientation packet containing all relevant information including pay and benefit policies, direct deposit enrollment, Workers’ Compensation benefits, state disability insurance provisions, and safety guidelines. We believe employees should be equipped with as much information as possible so they may function effectively and professionally from the moment they walk in the door.

Placement Types

  • Executive search: When we opened in 1970, executive search was our core capability and it still is. Our Search team specializes in operations, administration, marketing, sales, and product engineering.
  • Payroll Service: If you want us to temporarily payroll select employees, we take care of paychecks, W-2s, and all expenses, including benefits, associated with employment and unemployment.

Project-based recruiting: If you need to bring in a team to work on a project, we can ramp up quickly to meet that need. We have done so for several large clients.