The recruiters at Nelson Staffing acquire, screen, and place talent in positions ranging from administrative and manufacturing to executive levels in a variety of industries. With Nelson Staffing acting as a collaborative partner, clients get the tools they need to hire and retain the best employees, and candidates are offered opportunities to apply for jobs that haven’t been broadly publicized.

Whether it’s a temporary position being offered or a temporary-to-hire or full-time position, with Nelson Staffing, candidates are given the opportunity to make strategic, career-driven decisions.

We have an extensive database and use our own www.nelsonjobs.com job board and other job boards to advertise open positions. We’re extremely active in local professional organizations and reach out to the community via career training and job fairs. Our philanthropic work supports special causes and also keeps us involved in our local communities.

Our broad network, plus those of each Nelson employee, keeps a steady flow of referrals coming in, one of the best ways to assure a compatible fit between candidate and company culture.


  • Patterned/Expert Interviews: Through customizing our interview questions and instituting client-specific assessments, we are able to move the candidates submitted to hire from 45% to 56% for most clients, saving money on the costs associated with the hiring process.
  • Reference Checking: We partner with Checkster to deliver meaningful feedback on candidates from past managers rather than relying on references from friends and peers. We also phone references ourselves to get the real story on our candidates.
  • Skills Assessment: We utilize NelsonTest, an online skills testing system, to evaluate all candidates. Through NelsonTest, candidates’ abilities in using software such as Microsoft Office Suite are assessed and we can also provide testing for specialized roles and industry-specific experience.
  • Additional Screening: If you require drug testing, professional credentials verification, credit, criminal or any other background screening, we provide that as well.
  • I-9 verification: At your request, we partner with eVerify to provide a level of scrutiny that ensures legal compliance.


Each employee is given a complete orientation packet before going out on assignment. In that packet is all the relevant information needed, including pay and benefit policies, direct deposit enrollment, Workers’ Compensation benefits, state disability insurance provisions, and safety guidelines. We believe employees should be prepared to function effectively from the moment they walk in the door.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

At a time when independent contractors are under scrutiny, Nelson has prioritized the provision of comprehensive independent contractor risk mitigation services that include risk assessment, evaluation and classification, audit support, employer-of-record services, and professional-level payroll services. Obtain the talent you need without undue risk.

Professional Dynametric Programs (PDP) survey tool

Professional Dynametric Programs (PDP) is a behavior assessment tool that helps identify and match the right people to the job. It also serves to motivate and retain top talent, reducing costly turnover. PDP is completely web-based, and results are automatic and immediate by email. In addition to being a pre-employment screening tool, PDP can also be used on existing staff to identify work-related stress, resolve conflicts, discover what motivates them, and help teams communicate and work together more effectively.

  • The survey takes only five minutes to complete
  • Its results are extremely accurate (80–94% average, compared to others that are approximately 60% accurate)
  • It’s very easy to use – completely web-based with automatic results sent immediately by email
  • We specifically use it to job match. We built job models by benchmarking top performers. Now, we can screen candidates before they walk in the door.