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Staffing Advisor

Every year, we publish a Staffing Advisor, a resource developed exclusively for businesses in California. In the Advisor we cover topics that we know will help our clients—topics like:

  • Tackling the Talent Gap
  • Annual Performance Reviews (do they work?)
  • Generations in the Workplace (keeping all ages engaged)
  • How to Retain Your Best Employees
  • Eliminating Bad Hires

Sometimes articles are accompanied by useful “take-away tools” like the Employee Satisfaction Survey we published one year to help companies assess their staff’s level of satisfaction. In a comprehensive article about Workforce Planning, we laid out a step by step plan for staffing more efficiently and then followed it up with a workforce planning tool we sent out, complimentary, to our valued clients.

Our “What’s on the Horizon” piece offers a snapshot of future economic and staffing trends, based on expert insights. Robert Eyler, Professor and Director of the Center for Regional Economic Analysis at Sonoma State University is a frequent advisor and contributor. A visiting scholar at both the University of Bologna and Stanford University, Eyler helps guide public policy at the local and state level and his expertise is freely given in the Advisor.

In addition to the topical articles, you’ll find in the Advisor a salary guide, broken down by regions within California, that provides an overview of current levels of compensation across the many industries we serve. The salary guide offers salary ranges for positions in Administration, Manufacturing, Legal, Human Resources, Executive, Engineering, Technical Sales, Wine & Beverage, and Interactive/Digital Media. We gather the information from our extensive internal records and then our recruiting and staffing experts refine the information by conferring with clients and reviewing placement history, interviews, and job orders to ensure the figures presented are current and accurate. The data is designed to help you determine appropriate, competitive compensation for the talent you need in your organization.

In conjunction with the Advisor, we release the results of a survey we conduct with hundreds of California companies. This survey reveals business trends and hiring practices that can help you learn from peer organizations.

The Advisor has so much to offer. Insights, strategies, and action items that will help you successfully manager your number one asset: your employees.

If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of the Staffing Advisor, request one here.

Candidate Resources

If you’d like help writing your resume and creating an effective job search strategy, head over to our Candidate Resources page. There you’ll also find advice on giving notice, explaining gaps in your work history, and more.