Technical Advisor

Within the pages of the Technical Advisor—the only reference tool dedicated solely to software and IT professionals in California—you’ll find current salary data that you can use all year as you set competitive compensation packages. That salary data covers technical leadership, business professionals, creative UX, web and mobile designers, software developers, QA engineers, IT networking, and niche positions.

The Technical Advisor features an article on a current topic of interest to those companies hiring technical professionals. For instance, an exclusive report on the future of marketing technology that discusses the way digital technologies are changing the way we live our lives. With consumer behavior changing rapidly, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right people to stay on top of the latest digital trends and initiatives.

An indispensable guide, this Advisor will help you Hire Today to Innovate Tomorrow. If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of the Technical Advisor, request one here.

Candidate Resources

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