Our Process


When you work with Nelson, your organization will be assigned a dedicated account team to learn and know your business and culture, inside and out. Our first task is to get to know your company; we’ll work together to define what makes a candidate a fantastic match for you. We understand how important it is to find the candidate who has the right experience, skillset, and approach to be successful in your specific environment.


Each of our tenured recruiters has significant experience in his or her field of expertise (from light industrial to admin to accounting to engineering), giving our teams unparalleled local candidate networks. We personally know exceptional candidates you won’t find on job boards. And because we have recruiting specialists serving companies in many industries, we can tailor expert-driven services for all your workforce needs–even for specialty hires.


From soft skills that turn a good candidate into a great one to the exact experience that will help a candidate succeed in your role, we present only the top candidates. We live for the moment when we hear, “The new hire you found is perfect!”

We use proven patterned-interviewing techniques to make sure candidates we present to you have a proven track record of (and are poised for success in) your environment. We also conduct skills assessments, thoroughly check references, and provide any additional screening you require (including drug testing, professional credentials verification, or any other background screening).


If you’re selected for the role through the interview process, we’ll continue to our verification process. This may include skills assessments, reference checks, background checks, I-9 verification, or additional screening required by our company partner.


We take care of all the administrative processes involved in hiring to make your job easier. From negotiating salary to onboarding to payrolling to I-9 verification, our teams make sure your team is set.


Once our hires are onboard, we’ll continue to check in and offer support for you, your team, and your Nelson contractors every way we can. We highly value personal relationships and look forward to continuing to work together!

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