Our Process


Whether you’ve submitted your resume to a position we have posted or are interested in future opportunities, we’ll reach out with a phone call or email to schedule a time to speak with you. We want to fully understand your skills, experience, and what you’re looking for in your next role. Together, we’ll define search parameters so we’re not presenting opportunities that don't meet your needs. When we find a match with an open role at one of our company partners, we proceed to the next step in our process. Depending on the position, we may conduct skills assessments as needed.


Our company partners constantly offer new opportunities. Just because we don’t have anything that’s a great match today doesn’t mean we won’t have a great opportunity tomorrow! Once you’re registered with Nelson Connects, you’ll receive job opening updates that match your specifications, as well as personalized outreach when we’re working with a client on a role we think would be a great match for you.


If your skills and experience match our company partner's needs, and you’re interested in the opportunity, we’ll then proceed to the interview process. Our interview process is designed to be stress free and allow you to present your skills and experience in the best light possible. We use patterned-interviewing techniques to make sure you’ll be successful in our company partners’ working environment, and we verify that you understand the company culture, role responsibilities, and working environment. Interviews may be conducted via phone, video, on-site at Nelson Connects, or on-site at our company partner, depending on the role. Your Nelson Connects recruiter will be fully transparent about what to expect during this process and will even help you prepare by clarifying the role requirements and which of your skills and experience make you a good fit.


If you’re selected for the role, we’ll then continue to our verification process. This may include skills assessments, reference checks, background checks, I-9 verification, or additional screening, as required by our company partner.


Before you start, you’ll work with your Nelson Connects recruiter to understand or negotiate compensation and be aware of all the benefits offered to you. We arrange any onboarding or pre-engagement training you need and will give you all the information about your assignment to help you you be successful in your role.


Once you start on an assignment, we’ll continue to check in and offer support to help you succeed. In fact, many professionals we place reach back out to Nelson Connects when they’re ready for their next opportunity or to find their next new hire. We value personal relationships and look forward to a long working relationship with you!

While this process is standard for most of our positions, we may modify steps to fit the needs of our company partners. Your recruiter will share exactly what to expect from your job search process with us.