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Job Number: 2156369

Facilities Maintenance

Location: Sonoma County

Compensation: To $110K plus terrific benefits

The Facilities Maintenance is responsible for overseeing multiple sites and future capital improvement projects.


  • Manages maintenance staff and provides leadership and direction.
  • Oversees expansion and upcoming capital improvement projects.
  • Manages maintenance staff work schedules, maintenance records, and equipment inventory. Assigns work priorities, gives tasks or projects to Maintenance Mechanics.
  • Oversees all equipment processes and necessary material and parts are on-hand to complete tasks.
  • Responsible for all equipment includes boilers, air compressors, refrigeration systems, cellar pumps, all equipment involved with annual crush and company vehicles.
  • Functions include electrical, refrigeration systems, waste-water processing, air conditioning, welding and mechanical systems, and carpentry.
  • Responsible for maintenance of facility buildings and all cellar support equipment at locations
  • Manage departmental support for the cellar and other operations with hands-on involvement with all levels of maintenance mechanics.
  • Provide equipment installation, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and repairs.
  • Monitor and record well-water, wastewater and storm water for compliance reporting.
  • Assures the maintenance staff attends monthly safety meeting. Including keeping records of Safety meetings and all Facility Maintenance Training. .Responsible for complying with the established safety programs.
  • Contribute to and uphold ISO 9001 standards and quality management systems.
  • Determination/selection and maintain relationships of facility support vendors and contractors.
  • Approve necessary purchases within expenditure matrix that is necessary for supporting maintenance needs and assigns proper accounting codes to purchases.


  • Minimum 3 years' experience in related position with a strong mechanical aptitude, and leadership skills
  • Previous wine, spirits, beverage or food industry experience preferred.